PA Experience

 Hear PA systems how they were designed to be heard.

The PA Experience at BPM | PRO is the perfect place to hear the latest PA systems how they were designed to be heard.

In today’s competitive market it can be hard to know which speaker system is best for you. So experiencing these products first-hand is essential if you want to make informed decisions about your audio setup, because the only way to be sure is to let your ears decide!

The newly revamped PA Experience is an acoustically-sound space that lets you compare portable DJ and PA systems from all the best brands. For the first time in 2017, each brand will host its own inflatable pod and showcase up to three cutting-edge systems.

Image of crowds at the PA Experience at BPM | PRO event

This new setup will keep the distractions of excessive noise and competing brands to a minimum, allowing you to focus on the sound quality of each individual product in a space that shows off their true potential.

Don’t miss the PA Experience at BPM | PRO 2017.