DJ Kieron J

With his style heavily based around creativity and technical skill, DJ Kieron J has been making waves in the industry for some time, recently jetting off to Marbella for his biggest season yet. We caught up with the Birmingham-based urban and house specialist to find out what makes him tick and what he has in store for this summer…

What’s your go-to tune to get the party started?

Usually it depends on the crowd, but you can never go wrong with Fatman Scoop – ‘Be Faithful’ or Drake – ‘One Dance’. If we are talking more urban stuff, I would definitely go for Jay Z & Kanye – ‘Paris’ or Future – ‘Mask Off’.


Best UK venue and why?

For style and class, Nuvo Birmingham. When it comes to atmosphere I love Balloon Bar, Northampton!


Which recent release should our readers check out?

My #SummerSendOff mix on Mixcloud.


We read that you recently DJed for England goalkeeper Joe Hart, and that you’ll be performing alongside grime legend Kano this summer. How does it feel to be working with such big names now?

It is always an honour being asked to DJ for any kind of event, no matter who is involved or on the line up. I try and see everyone as equal and I have a lot of respect for the talent these people have.


What’s the most challenging element of DJing?

The most challenging element is travelling to different cities, outside of the places you are used to. It makes it a lot more interesting, but can be a task getting the crowd bouncing to the stuff you are used to playing.


What’s your pre-set routine? Anything unusual?

Nothing out of the ordinary, but having people around you helps you ‘warm up’ before entering the club. It’s important to be ‘on a level’ with the crowd when you start your performance.


You’re throwing a house party and you get to choose any DJ or artist you want to perform. Who do you pick?

Future and Drake, without a doubt!


What part have industry events, such as BPM | PRO, played in your success? You became our Freestyle DJ Champion in 2015, for instance.

I’ve been able to open people’s eyes to my style of DJing, with technical mixing and wordplay, as well as just being known as a ‘selector’.


If you could DJ anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Definitely the USA… New York, LA or Miami!


What would your one piece of concrete advice for new DJs be?

Consistency is key!


Which piece of tech/gear makes your life as a DJ easier?

Serato ‘Flip’.


You can choose three things for your rider. What are they?

Give me a full Pioneer setup: CDJ 850s or above, a DJM 700 or above, and most importantly… a WORKING crossfader!

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