Mobile DJ Learning Hub

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Hosted by Alan Marshall

Alan Marshall will act as the host of the Mobile DJ Learning Hub, not only making sure sessions runs on time (no pressure there then!) but also ensuring that everything flows smoothly, creating an informative, fun, interactive and entertaining environment for attendees. Alan is the Education & Training Officer for the National Association of DJs, having previously served as both a Branch and National Chairman. A full-time wedding DJ and master of ceremonies based in Hampshire, Alan has nearly 40 years of experience, and is currently focused on creating wedding entertainment that is engaging and driven by emotion.


A Young DJ's Guide to Business... And Being a DJ! - Josh Clarke

  11:00 – 11:30

What's it about?

Join Josh Clarke for a light-hearted presentation of relatable tales, discussion, anecdotes, games and more about being a young DJ and setting out your stall in the industry. The session will also feature tips and tricks for starting and running your own enterprise using new and transferable skills. Josh works in design and marketing for the Music Factory Entertainment Group and DJ-only music service Mastermix, whilst also finding time to DJ at selected events across the country. He has also been involved in business since the age of 13 and now runs two companies of his own as well as offering tour management services to ‘80s chart-topping act Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers.

``I Can't Get That Sort of Money Round Here`` - Now What? - Fabio Capozzi

  11:45 – 12:30

What's it about?

Competitor-based fee strategies in the DJ industry are essentially false advertising. Price matching has become a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to how we value our services, which causes cost confusion with customers. Through this eye-opening presentation, discover your true worth and price yourself properly, honestly and fairly. Owner and principal DJ at Funktion DJs, Fabio Capozzi has been in the industry since 1983 with a background in both club and mobile work. In his third term as National Secretary for NADJ, commitment to the industry continues to drive Fabio to share his knowledge and experience with progressive DJs of all ages.


The DJ Debate - Hosted by Tony Winyard

  12:45 – 13:15

What's it about?

There are certain topics that can cause serious disagreements in the DJ industry with many DJs taking completely opposite viewpoints. ‘The DJ Debate’ is an opportunity for two teams of DJs to intelligently put forward their arguments with the aim of convincing the audience that their perspective is the right one before the audience has an opportunity to vote for who they thought was the most convincing. This session will be hosted by Tony Winyard, a former international club DJ and now specialist wedding DJ. Do you have strong views on certain issues? Do you feel you could sway an audience with your well-chosen words? Maybe you’ll be taking part in the debate!

Supercharge Your Wedding Receptions - Gary Evans

  13:30 – 14:15

What's it about?

In this practical presentation, full-time Wedding DJ Gary Evans will share the ‘art of the grand entrance’. During his talk Gary will break down the formula he uses for creating engaging, fun and exciting entrances for his brides and grooms. Not only is this a great way to kick off a wedding breakfast, a Grand Entrance can also be used for evening-only receptions. Gary is the owner of Gary Evans Weddings. He is a solo operator based in Hampshire who specialises in full day wedding entertainment with a twist. He was recently voted DJ of the Year in the prestigious Wedding Industry Awards 2017.

Customer Service: What You Can Do to Get Referrals - Euan Bass

  14:30 – 15:15

What's it about?

All DJs like a referral booking, so in this session Euan Bass will show how you can get more just by making small changes to what you do. 95% of Euan’s bookings are from referrals, and he will share some of the things that he does to turn his past clients into his greatest sales people, while also getting almost 100% positive testimonials from his customers. All it takes is one simple change, find out what’s the ONE THING that you can do to quickly pick up more referrals from this entertaining and informative seminar. Euan is originally from Essex, but now lives in Stevenage, and has been a full-time professional DJ for over 30 years. Having worked in clubs and bars, at festivals, on the radio, and even on TV, he now mainly concentrates on the wedding sector.

The Next Evolution of Sound to Light - Matthew Watkins

  15:30 – 16:00

What's it about?

Mobile DJs frequently rely on automated sound-to-light features to synchronise their lightshows to the music they play, but this often doesn’t use the lighting equipment to its full potential. In this seminar Matthew Watkins, Co-Founder of SoundSwitch, will showcase the latest innovations in sound-to-light found in software-based DMX programmes. Learn how to use this next generation sound-to-light technology to put together a show that not only reacts to the music perfectly but also reacts to your actions as the DJ, creating a far greater immersive experience for audiences. The session will also explore the future of sound-to-light and how it is reaching a high level of precision control without the need for hours of programming and constant interaction from an operator.

Managing Your Music Library - Pete Hawkins

  16:15 – 16:45

What's it about?

In this informative session, Pete Hawkins will take a look at the some of the programs on the market that can help you manage your digital music library and guide you through how best to create a working structure to make finding your music quick and easy. Pete is the current National Chairman of NADJ and has also run a successful DJ business for over 30 years. He has been involved in the music industry since leaving school, firstly as a sound engineer, then working in music production, and finally as a tour manager for a number of high-profile artists.