FX Stage

Witness special effects from the front row.

Where other events shy away from live pyrotechnics and laser displays, we embrace them. The FX Stage is a feature unique to BPM | PRO and will be back with a bigger bang than ever in 2017.

Image of flame machines on the FX Stage at BPM | PRO event

Hosted by Le Maitre, the award-nominated FX Stage is a platform for pioneering brands wishing to showcase the true power of their products.

Stadium-sized theatrics, dramatic flame effects, confetti bursts and intense CO2 blasts turn the area into an electrifying live space, providing a captivating first-hand experience.

Image of pyrotechnics on the FX Stage at the BPM | PRO event

Pyrotechnics and special effects weren’t made to be watched on YouTube. So, this is your chance to witness cutting-edge solutions from the front row, in an atmospheric environment that displays them at full potential.

Special effects manufacturer Le Maitre turns 40 this year, so the celebrations will be full throttle! Alongside classic effects such as confetti cannons, flame machines and gerbs, the company will treat you to a selection of exciting new products from its Virtually Smokeless range.

Image of FX Stage special effects at BPM | PRO event

Don’t miss the FX Stage at BPM | PRO 2017.