Popular PA Experience is back – with a twist!

BPM | PRO has announced the return of its popular PA Experience feature area for this October’s show at the Genting Arena, Birmingham. The area, which gives audio enthusiasts the chance to hear a range of professional PA systems, will offer a new and improved setup that provides a better experience for both brands and visitors.

Hosted in the West Concourse area of the Genting Arena, the new-concept PA Experience will feature a series of inflatable pods, each hosted by different brands showcasing up to three cutting-edge PA systems. This new setup aims to keep the distractions of excessive noise and/or competing brands to a minimum, allowing visitors to focus on the sound quality of each product.

Brands so far confirmed for the area include RCF, Bishop Sound, Bose, Yamaha, Cerwin-Vega, Pioneer Pro Audio, and dB Technologies.

While the needs of visitors are at the heart of these changes, the revamped PA Experience will also benefit exhibitors. Rather than being confined by restrictions (as in previous years), systems will be of the brands’ choosing, allowing them to better represent new products at the show.

Any restrictions are now solely based on the space limitations of the inflatable pods, with an 85db level at the edge of each dome. Furthermore, only systems in domes with a separation distance of 20m will be playing at the same time, providing approximately double the listening time of previous years.

A popular feature with visitors and brands alike, the newly updated PA Experience is the best place to hear the latest and greatest PA systems from across the market.

Tickets for BPM | PRO 2017 are available now.