Showtec releases new Shark series of compact moving heads

Showtec – the lighting manufacturer distributed by Highlite – has introduced a new range of compact moving heads. The Shark series aims to provide excellent features and impressive performance for mobile DJs, musicians, and owners of small venues.

The recently released Shark Spot, Beam, Wash and Combi fixtures have been designed as intelligent but easy-to-use light effects for both professional and non-professional users, and will eventually replace Showtec’s popular Kanjo series.

In a press the release, the company said, “Changing expectations about the possibilities of affordable entertainment lighting make the Showtec Shark series the next logical step in the evolution of compact moving light effects.”

Indeed, the new moving heads do manage to pack various features into their compact design, including macros, integrated sound-active programs, motorised zoom and improved optics. These functionalities and features allow a range of users – from mobile DJs and touring musicians to pub/bar owners – to create eye-catching lighting displays without the need for programming skills.

In addition, all of the moving heads are equipped with IFS technology. Whether creating synchronised effects or controlled movement sequences, this technology allows users to have full control over various Shark fixtures within a single setup.

More information on the new Showtec Shark series can be found on the Highlite website.

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